Pinning for Life: Turban Headbands

This is another useful, yet girly blog about something I made from Pinterest. For the girls out there who love to wear their hair up (or even down), this is a great idea to get rid of one of your old T-Shirts that do not fit anymore without having to just throw it away! I’ve seen people wear turban headbands, but they’re expensive to buy. So if you go in your closet grab an old T-Shirt, a measuring tape, scissors, and a pencil (if you would like to make marks on the T-Shirt to help you cut) you can easily make one! This tutorial that I found on Pinterest gives great step by step instructions on how to make your own.  It even shows pictures, so if you’re a visual person  like me you can see what they are talking about.  If you’re wanting to make one for a child that’s not a problem it even gives you directions on how to cut your T-Shirt to make one for child/baby! I personally made three of these headbands in about 20 minutes time.  It took me a minute to completely figure out what I was doing, but once you figure it out it’s easy as pie! Just follow these step by step instructions that I found from that tutorial:

  • Cut 18-19 inches in width for an adult headband (14 for a child)
  • Next cut two more strips 3 inches wide
  • Make a plus sign with your strips (it’s best to make the vertical piece on top)
  • After that take the right side of bottom piece then place it over to the side
  • Grab the other part of the bottom piece then cross and place that piece on top
  • Make sure to pull the two ends apart from each other
  • Next put your hand through the bottom piece the grab the top piece (then repeat on the other side)
  • Fold the left over the right (once again repeat)
  • Pull the top piece inside the bottom piece
  • Lastly make sure to straighten everything up (helps it to lay flat)

You should see a knot in the middle of your headband.  I’m sorry I don’t have to step by step pictures, but click on the tutorial link above and it will show you the step by step process to making the turban headband! After you complete all that you’re ready to go lay out by the (or the beach) and have a lazy day! Check out the awkward photo I have of myself in the pink headband I made from a tank top.  I love mine and wear it almost everyday! I’m sorry it’s blurry…I cropped the picture so you could see the headband more.IMG_1248



Pinning for Life: laundry detergent

Has anybody been to the store recently, and instead of just grabbing what you need you actually look at the price and see how expensive basic household needs are? It’s ridiculous how much you have to pay for items such as laundry detergent.  You know you can make your own detergent for a little bit more, but it last a lot longer. Just recently I moved to college, and we all know how expensive college can be.  To save a few dollars for myself (and my parents) I made my own detergent.  I got on Pinterest one day and saw someone pinned a recipe to make dry detergent that last for about a year and actually smells good! I’m not kidding on that part, it really does smell good.  To make it all you need is 1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax, 1 (3 lb) Container of OxyClean, 2 (14.1 oz) Bars of Zote soap (another alternative to that would be Fels Naptha), 1-2 (55 oz) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener, and lastly 1 (alb) Box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.  To put everything together make sure you have a big bucket, and plenty of storage for it when your done. Once you have your supplies, grab your Zote Soap (or your Fels Naptha) and grate it up with a cheese grater.  I swear this is the only hard part to it, and it’s not even hard its just a workout! After you grate up what looks like pink shredded cheese, get your bucket and just layer everything.  It’s the easiest way to make sure everything is mixed up well.  Alternate between all of the ingredients, and when finished mix it together.  That’s it you’re done! Just put everything into old detergent bottles, or leave it in the bucket and find a way to seal it up.  I used the Purex bottle, an old detergent bottle, and I could fit the rest in the OxyClean bottle!DIY Detergent

Pinning for Life.

In today’s society people rely on social media to keep them on the “in” things of life.  There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and so many more that have taken over people’s lives.  Another social media that has stolen the time of today’s society is Pinterest.  A website that helps yIMG_6562ou find those DIY projects, cute ideas for your sons birthday party, or inspirational photos and quotes that other people post. Pinterest is a great tool for planning events, and helps you in those moments when you just can’t decide what’s for dinner.  I find it to be more helpful for those “average Joes” in life. Where all the other social media’s are great for businesses, your every day people can use this as another search engine to help you find the things you want. Not just the things you see in a newsfeed.  It even has the same convenience as the other social medias where with just a click of a few buttons you have an app that you can with you anywhere.  Personally I will be pinning for life. I already have my entire wedding planned out…I just need to find someone to marry now!