Pinning for Life.

In today’s society people rely on social media to keep them on the “in” things of life.  There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and so many more that have taken over people’s lives.  Another social media that has stolen the time of today’s society is Pinterest.  A website that helps yIMG_6562ou find those DIY projects, cute ideas for your sons birthday party, or inspirational photos and quotes that other people post. Pinterest is a great tool for planning events, and helps you in those moments when you just can’t decide what’s for dinner.  I find it to be more helpful for those “average Joes” in life. Where all the other social media’s are great for businesses, your every day people can use this as another search engine to help you find the things you want. Not just the things you see in a newsfeed.  It even has the same convenience as the other social medias where with just a click of a few buttons you have an app that you can with you anywhere.  Personally I will be pinning for life. I already have my entire wedding planned out…I just need to find someone to marry now!


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