Pinning for Life: Vases for all Occasions

vasesIf your throwing some type of party, or if your planning a wedding one way to decorate would be with vases.  Just go to a near by dollar store, or even a thrift shop and find cheap vases all different shapes and sizes. Then get some paint, it doesn’t what kind just as long as you like the color of it.  Just pour some paint in it then on a plastic plate, or I used a cardboard box and set it upside down to drain the paint, and let it dry.  You can do all of the same size vases the same color, or if you got vases that are exactly the same just come up with different patterns and do each one differently. When they’re all done drying, you can use a sharpie to decorate the outside of them.  After you finish decorating them set them on different tables, and if you would like find some fake flowers or other things to set in the vases.  If you want or need any other decorating ideas for a party or your home just go to and type it in the search bar.  Hundreds of ideas will come up.


Pinning for Life: Gifting

With Christmas time coming up in a few months people are looking for ways to stretch their dollar to be able to give to everyone they love. Last year for Christmas I found some little gift ideas on Pinterest I could make with things I has around the house.  It’s a lightbulb snowman.  All you need is:

  1. an old lightbulb (or new doesn’t matter)
  2. black acrylic paint
  3. orange acrylic paint
  4. small paint brush
  5. glitter (optional)
  6. any type of string or wire
  7. hot glue
  8. small sticks from a tree

When you get all your supplies, start by getting all your paint ready.  Also make sure to turn on your hot glue gun. You do not need much paint just enough to make a few dots.  Take your lightbulb then make black dots for the eyes, and make black dots for the smile. Use the orange for the carrot nose.  Just make a little triangle shape going to the side.  If you would like take some glitter and sprinkle it on the the light bulb.  Don’t use much because then it will effect the color on your lightbulb. Make sure you also put a piece of paper under it to help with clean up after Take your string or wire and glue it to the light bulb to create a hang for your snowman.  Take your small sticks and glue them to the side for your arms.  Make sure you really hold the stick on there and use just the right about of glue, or it will not hold.  Once all that is dried you have a new ornament to give to a friend, or use in an ornament exchange! snowmen ornaments

Pinning for Life: Portioning food/Working out



If you are anything like me you know nothing about working out, and honestly you could not care less about it.  Luckily whenever you get that spark of energy and determination to do something good for yourself Pinterest has pins to help you learn what to do.  I found a pin a few weeks about to help with portioning my food.  This shows you how to portion your food by using your hand as a measuring tool. Food portion is everything.  It’s not so much what you eat, but how much of it you eat.  It’s okay to have a cookie, but having the whole box is where it gets dangerous.  This pin will even show you about how many calories each type of food is that they have listed.  I use this hand method of portioning my food every time I eat so I can watch how much I eat. If you portion your food and actually slow down and take time to eat, you will be amazed at how full you really will be by the end of your meal.  Don’t sit in front of a TV and start chowing down on your spaghetti.  Sit at the table have someone with you if you don’t live with your family.  Have a conversation with them, and just take your time. Also if you want to take it a step up with your motivation try working out twice a week for 30 minutes each.  I’ve been doing that, and I feel it has been helping.  Start out by weighing yourself, and then after each week weight yourself again and watch the progress.  With your portioning of foods and working out you should get results pretty quickly.  It’s amazing how you start to get in a habit of portioning your food.  It eventually doesn’t even feel like a chore anymore.  You will find yourself eating less, and wanting less food as you progress.  I just started a couple of weeks ago, and I feel myself getting better and better everyday.  Inviting a friend to join you will help your progress.  You can motivate each other, and keep each other on track.  It helps having someone going through it with you, and be able to motivate you and keep you check.  I no longer see working out and portioning as a chore.  It’s my way of life now, and I’m so glad I changed.

Pinning for Life: Organizing Jewelry

IMG_2940-1Some of the most frustrating things in life for women is trying organize your jewelry in a way that it won’t get tangled, broken, or go missing.  I found a pin that will help with that exact problem.  My mother and I did it a little bit differently though.  In the pin they used:

  1. a picture frame
  2. a pegboard which is normally used to hang tools
  3. ribbon (you will need a hot glue gun for this also)
  4. spray paint (color of your choice)
  5. and of course some thing to hang all it on the wall with (command strips, push pins, nails, etc)
  6. hooks for some jewelry

The items my mother and I used were:

  1. just a styrofoam board
  2. spray paint (color of your choice)
  3. ribbon or frame
  4. something to hang it on the wall with
  5. hooks for some jewelry

With using the items in the pin all you do is spray paint the pegboard and let that dry.  Next you can hot glue the ribbon on the frame so it will hang, or at least appear that it is hanging.  When your spray paint is done drying, you can hot glue the frame to the pegboard. Then when the glue is done drying hang it on the wall.  It’s simple and cute.  This will hold any earrings you have, or you can attach hooks in the holes and hang up your necklaces.

If you would like to try the other way just spray paint the styrofoam board (this will eat away at some of the styrofoam, so just be careful not to add too much paint to one spot).  If you would like to decorate it more you can also add a frame to it like the other one, or just use ribbon around the edges for a more simple look.  Next just hang it on the wall.  Use the hooks, push pins, or just whatever you want to hang your necklaces with.  Both of these are great easy ways to get a great organizer without it costing a lot of money.

Pinning for Life: “Secret” Pandora Stations

For those of you who like to workout, did you know that Pandora Radio has different pump up workout stations? I was skimming through Pinterest the other day, and I found a pin for those secret stations.  They have stations for all types of music taste from country to classic rock to yoga.  Just type in your search bar on your app or computer “workout” or “fitness” and the stations will come up.  There are 12 different stations such as:

  1. 80’s cardio
  2. Alternative Endurance Training
  3. Classic Rock Power Workout
  4. Country Fitness
  5. Dance Cardio
  6. Electronic Cardio
  7. Hard Rock Strength Training
  8. Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout
  9. Pop Fitness
  10. Rap Strength Training
  11. Yoga
  12. Yoga Workout

Just find what you like, and you can start whatever workout you want.  Pinterest also has some tips for people in a hurry, but still want to get that quick workout in.  For example the pin called “The one song workout” it gives you a list of good exercises to do during one song.  You can pick and choose what you want to do, and modify as you please.  If you have time for more than just one song you can continue on.  So just find a good Pandora station, and you can do a one song workout!

Pinning for Life: Baby Oil

For those of you who like to do fun activities, like paint wars, baby oil is a great substance to help you clean up your mess.  In my last blog I posted a photo of a group of friends and I at the paint wars for my campus.  Let me tell you it’s so much fun, but so messy.  Arclylic paint is such a pain to get off your skin and hair.  I look up ways to get it off and baby oil was an option.  Best thing ever when it comes to something like this!  The thing is I didn’t even use half of the bottle, so I went to Pinterest to help me find ways I can use the rest of this baby oil.  Not only did I learn that it’s good for tanning, but you can also make homemade sand (just add 4 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil) incase anyone wants to make sand! Another way you can use it is to help detangle necklaces, I have not had a chance to use this one, but I’m sure it works! One of my favorites is using it to remove make-up.  I did not know this until I saw it on Pinterest, and it’s actually a really cheap good way to off your make-up.  Now I have really sensitive oily skin, so I was hesitate at first, but it works wonders!  Turns out also its actually good to use oil on oily skin because a lot of the time your skin is trying to overcompensate for the lack of oil in your skin, so adding oil helps.  Also baby oil can help clean your sink faucets.  It will shine them up, and make them look almost brand new!  It doesn’t just work on faucets, but any stainless steel surface too! If you are pregnant or have stretch marks you want to get rid of, you can use this to get rid or help prevent stretch marks.  There are many uses for baby oil, but it would take days to list them all!  I actually never knew how useful it was until I saw all the pins on Pinterest about it, so go buy some baby oil and start trying some new things! IMG_0626-1

Pinning for Life: College Tips part 2

Paint Wars

Paint Wars: Campus Activity

So in the midst of looking for study tips and class tips I found another pin that I found very useful.  I haven’t tried all of the tips yet, but I they are all very useful for different situations. Once again I have modified some to fit my needs, and you can do the same for yourself.

  1. I have friends who are double majors, but don’t get involved in any campus events due to too much work.  The best advice I have seen and heard is get involved with your campus.  It’s true you will have a lot more fun, and gain friendships that will last a lifetime! You don’t necessarily have to “go greek” to be involved.  Find something you enjoy around campus and do it! Don’y choose a double major over living a real college experience. If you still want that second major you can always add it later, or even go back to school.
  2. Live in a dorm your freshman year. DO NOT WAIT. Living in the dorm has been one of the best experiences so far.  Yes you have more responsibilities, but it is worth it! You will meet great people, and honestly you will meet people you don’t like either. That’s just the ugly truth.
  3. One thing that gets on my nerves is when people leave their laundry in the washer and/or dryer.  Get your clothes out as soon as they’re done. Set an alarm, and set it a couple minutes early so you can ensure that one you get there in time, and two that no one messes with your clothes.  You would be surprised some of the things that people will do to other peoples laundry.
  4. Make sure you have flip flops for the showers.  Trust me you don’t want to end up with some foot fungus your first semester.
  5. One big issue is people not liking their roommates.  Just talk to them about it first, and if it can not be resolved to a RA or someone in charge at the dorm you stay at.
  6. Another helpful tip that I’ve added is always back up your work to either an external hard-drive, or use dropbox! If your computer crashes you can’t get that work back.