Pinning for Life: organizing

Pinterest is not just good for crafts and DIY projects, but can also help you with some organizing tips. You’ll find those little tips and tricks that you did not think of when you were cleaning your house, or just moving in.  Did you know that you can use  the big binder clips to hold your cords on your desk?  Just clip it to the desk then use the end where you normally pinch to hold your phone charger cord or even an ethernet cable by slipping it through.  Works like a charm! I did it to hold all the cords that I have on my desk in my dorm.  It takes some patients to put the cords through for like an iPhone 4/4s charger. For those cords you can fit through there  you can also use velcro strips (command brand makes some) to hold the cord wherever you need it. Also for people wanting to organize the pantry you can use a magazine holder to hold cans. Saves you tons of space, and makes it easier to grab the cans.  For closet organization you can get a metal hanger cut the bottom of it, and then you can use it to hold your flip flops.  You can decorate it how you please to you can twist the metal for a cuter look and add some ribbon to it also.cord holder example


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