Pinning for Life: College Tips

This only being my second week of college all of this “on your own thing” is pretty new to me.  I went to a high school where they didn’t baby us on anything besides due dates.  My teachers always made sure we knew when something was due, and what it was that we had to do.  Here in college…it’s not like that at all. Which I expected, but honestly it’s harder than I thought it would be to keep up with all the homework and reading for each class and what I need to first.  Before I came to college I actually used Pinterest for more than just ideas for my dorm room, and other pointless things I probably will never do. I used it to give me tips on how to study, and keep my homework straight.  I never had to study in high school, and if I did study I literally just crammed right before the test.   I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that in college, so I just typed in the Pinterest search bar study tips.  I found some helpful, interesting, and even some funny tips.  That all led me to a pin that was connected to a website that had some helpful tips to calm my nerves about college.  I’ve done some modifying to help it fit for me more, so you can do the same just add and adjust things as you go along.

  1. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone you don’t know in your class.  Get their number, so that way if you miss class or forgot what you did in class you can text them and ask.
  2. When studying for a test don’t just study your notes from the powerpoint or lecture, make sure you study the chapter that corresponds with those notes.  Sometimes professors don’t just take their question from facts in their lecture.  They want to know if you read your textbook also, so they will get questions from that also.
  3. If you don’t do so well on a test, use that as a learning experience.  Just analyze what you did wrong then fix it for the next time.  Whether it was how you studied, how much you studied, or even what you studied.
  4. If you feel like you don’t understand the material don’t wait until the day or two days before the test to ask for help.  Go a week in advance, so that way you have longer to make sure you really do understand the material before testing.
  5. Something I found not on Pinterest, but I got the idea to look for it on Pinterest was a organizer app for school work.  The one I use on my MacBook is called iProcrastinate.  This allows you to color coordinate your classes, put in due dates, and prioritize what is important.

No matter what you do or use to help you get through college,  just make sure you actually put school work first.  Don’t get caught up in the freedom of college, and forget about your work.  Then you will get behind, and end up getting stressed out.  You might even get so far behind you feel like you can’t catch up, so you don’t do your work at all.  Just remember there will always be a party, but you can’t take back failing an assignment or potentially a class. IMG_2168-1


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