Pinning for Life: College Tips part 2

Paint Wars

Paint Wars: Campus Activity

So in the midst of looking for study tips and class tips I found another pin that I found very useful.  I haven’t tried all of the tips yet, but I they are all very useful for different situations. Once again I have modified some to fit my needs, and you can do the same for yourself.

  1. I have friends who are double majors, but don’t get involved in any campus events due to too much work.  The best advice I have seen and heard is get involved with your campus.  It’s true you will have a lot more fun, and gain friendships that will last a lifetime! You don’t necessarily have to “go greek” to be involved.  Find something you enjoy around campus and do it! Don’y choose a double major over living a real college experience. If you still want that second major you can always add it later, or even go back to school.
  2. Live in a dorm your freshman year. DO NOT WAIT. Living in the dorm has been one of the best experiences so far.  Yes you have more responsibilities, but it is worth it! You will meet great people, and honestly you will meet people you don’t like either. That’s just the ugly truth.
  3. One thing that gets on my nerves is when people leave their laundry in the washer and/or dryer.  Get your clothes out as soon as they’re done. Set an alarm, and set it a couple minutes early so you can ensure that one you get there in time, and two that no one messes with your clothes.  You would be surprised some of the things that people will do to other peoples laundry.
  4. Make sure you have flip flops for the showers.  Trust me you don’t want to end up with some foot fungus your first semester.
  5. One big issue is people not liking their roommates.  Just talk to them about it first, and if it can not be resolved to a RA or someone in charge at the dorm you stay at.
  6. Another helpful tip that I’ve added is always back up your work to either an external hard-drive, or use dropbox! If your computer crashes you can’t get that work back.

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