Pinning for Life: Baby Oil

For those of you who like to do fun activities, like paint wars, baby oil is a great substance to help you clean up your mess.  In my last blog I posted a photo of a group of friends and I at the paint wars for my campus.  Let me tell you it’s so much fun, but so messy.  Arclylic paint is such a pain to get off your skin and hair.  I look up ways to get it off and baby oil was an option.  Best thing ever when it comes to something like this!  The thing is I didn’t even use half of the bottle, so I went to Pinterest to help me find ways I can use the rest of this baby oil.  Not only did I learn that it’s good for tanning, but you can also make homemade sand (just add 4 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil) incase anyone wants to make sand! Another way you can use it is to help detangle necklaces, I have not had a chance to use this one, but I’m sure it works! One of my favorites is using it to remove make-up.  I did not know this until I saw it on Pinterest, and it’s actually a really cheap good way to off your make-up.  Now I have really sensitive oily skin, so I was hesitate at first, but it works wonders!  Turns out also its actually good to use oil on oily skin because a lot of the time your skin is trying to overcompensate for the lack of oil in your skin, so adding oil helps.  Also baby oil can help clean your sink faucets.  It will shine them up, and make them look almost brand new!  It doesn’t just work on faucets, but any stainless steel surface too! If you are pregnant or have stretch marks you want to get rid of, you can use this to get rid or help prevent stretch marks.  There are many uses for baby oil, but it would take days to list them all!  I actually never knew how useful it was until I saw all the pins on Pinterest about it, so go buy some baby oil and start trying some new things! IMG_0626-1


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