Pinning for Life: Organizing Jewelry

IMG_2940-1Some of the most frustrating things in life for women is trying organize your jewelry in a way that it won’t get tangled, broken, or go missing.  I found a pin that will help with that exact problem.  My mother and I did it a little bit differently though.  In the pin they used:

  1. a picture frame
  2. a pegboard which is normally used to hang tools
  3. ribbon (you will need a hot glue gun for this also)
  4. spray paint (color of your choice)
  5. and of course some thing to hang all it on the wall with (command strips, push pins, nails, etc)
  6. hooks for some jewelry

The items my mother and I used were:

  1. just a styrofoam board
  2. spray paint (color of your choice)
  3. ribbon or frame
  4. something to hang it on the wall with
  5. hooks for some jewelry

With using the items in the pin all you do is spray paint the pegboard and let that dry.  Next you can hot glue the ribbon on the frame so it will hang, or at least appear that it is hanging.  When your spray paint is done drying, you can hot glue the frame to the pegboard. Then when the glue is done drying hang it on the wall.  It’s simple and cute.  This will hold any earrings you have, or you can attach hooks in the holes and hang up your necklaces.

If you would like to try the other way just spray paint the styrofoam board (this will eat away at some of the styrofoam, so just be careful not to add too much paint to one spot).  If you would like to decorate it more you can also add a frame to it like the other one, or just use ribbon around the edges for a more simple look.  Next just hang it on the wall.  Use the hooks, push pins, or just whatever you want to hang your necklaces with.  Both of these are great easy ways to get a great organizer without it costing a lot of money.


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