Pinning for Life: “Secret” Pandora Stations

For those of you who like to workout, did you know that Pandora Radio has different pump up workout stations? I was skimming through Pinterest the other day, and I found a pin for those secret stations.  They have stations for all types of music taste from country to classic rock to yoga.  Just type in your search bar on your app or computer “workout” or “fitness” and the stations will come up.  There are 12 different stations such as:

  1. 80’s cardio
  2. Alternative Endurance Training
  3. Classic Rock Power Workout
  4. Country Fitness
  5. Dance Cardio
  6. Electronic Cardio
  7. Hard Rock Strength Training
  8. Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout
  9. Pop Fitness
  10. Rap Strength Training
  11. Yoga
  12. Yoga Workout

Just find what you like, and you can start whatever workout you want.  Pinterest also has some tips for people in a hurry, but still want to get that quick workout in.  For example the pin called “The one song workout” it gives you a list of good exercises to do during one song.  You can pick and choose what you want to do, and modify as you please.  If you have time for more than just one song you can continue on.  So just find a good Pandora station, and you can do a one song workout!


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