Pinning for Life: Gifting

With Christmas time coming up in a few months people are looking for ways to stretch their dollar to be able to give to everyone they love. Last year for Christmas I found some little gift ideas on Pinterest I could make with things I has around the house.  It’s a lightbulb snowman.  All you need is:

  1. an old lightbulb (or new doesn’t matter)
  2. black acrylic paint
  3. orange acrylic paint
  4. small paint brush
  5. glitter (optional)
  6. any type of string or wire
  7. hot glue
  8. small sticks from a tree

When you get all your supplies, start by getting all your paint ready.  Also make sure to turn on your hot glue gun. You do not need much paint just enough to make a few dots.  Take your lightbulb then make black dots for the eyes, and make black dots for the smile. Use the orange for the carrot nose.  Just make a little triangle shape going to the side.  If you would like take some glitter and sprinkle it on the the light bulb.  Don’t use much because then it will effect the color on your lightbulb. Make sure you also put a piece of paper under it to help with clean up after Take your string or wire and glue it to the light bulb to create a hang for your snowman.  Take your small sticks and glue them to the side for your arms.  Make sure you really hold the stick on there and use just the right about of glue, or it will not hold.  Once all that is dried you have a new ornament to give to a friend, or use in an ornament exchange! snowmen ornaments


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