Pinning for Life: Portioning food/Working out



If you are anything like me you know nothing about working out, and honestly you could not care less about it.  Luckily whenever you get that spark of energy and determination to do something good for yourself Pinterest has pins to help you learn what to do.  I found a pin a few weeks about to help with portioning my food.  This shows you how to portion your food by using your hand as a measuring tool. Food portion is everything.  It’s not so much what you eat, but how much of it you eat.  It’s okay to have a cookie, but having the whole box is where it gets dangerous.  This pin will even show you about how many calories each type of food is that they have listed.  I use this hand method of portioning my food every time I eat so I can watch how much I eat. If you portion your food and actually slow down and take time to eat, you will be amazed at how full you really will be by the end of your meal.  Don’t sit in front of a TV and start chowing down on your spaghetti.  Sit at the table have someone with you if you don’t live with your family.  Have a conversation with them, and just take your time. Also if you want to take it a step up with your motivation try working out twice a week for 30 minutes each.  I’ve been doing that, and I feel it has been helping.  Start out by weighing yourself, and then after each week weight yourself again and watch the progress.  With your portioning of foods and working out you should get results pretty quickly.  It’s amazing how you start to get in a habit of portioning your food.  It eventually doesn’t even feel like a chore anymore.  You will find yourself eating less, and wanting less food as you progress.  I just started a couple of weeks ago, and I feel myself getting better and better everyday.  Inviting a friend to join you will help your progress.  You can motivate each other, and keep each other on track.  It helps having someone going through it with you, and be able to motivate you and keep you check.  I no longer see working out and portioning as a chore.  It’s my way of life now, and I’m so glad I changed.


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