Pinning for Life: Vases for all Occasions

vasesIf your throwing some type of party, or if your planning a wedding one way to decorate would be with vases.  Just go to a near by dollar store, or even a thrift shop and find cheap vases all different shapes and sizes. Then get some paint, it doesn’t what kind just as long as you like the color of it.  Just pour some paint in it then on a plastic plate, or I used a cardboard box and set it upside down to drain the paint, and let it dry.  You can do all of the same size vases the same color, or if you got vases that are exactly the same just come up with different patterns and do each one differently. When they’re all done drying, you can use a sharpie to decorate the outside of them.  After you finish decorating them set them on different tables, and if you would like find some fake flowers or other things to set in the vases.  If you want or need any other decorating ideas for a party or your home just go to and type it in the search bar.  Hundreds of ideas will come up.


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