Pinning for Life: Shower Cleaner

With Halloween coming up, and if you’re throwing the party of the year you might want to make sure everything is clean… including your shower. All you need to clean it is an empty spray bottle, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of Dawn Dish Soap, 4 T of baking soda.  If you do not have an empty spray bottle you can just use a measuring cup.  It all works the same. Then heat the vinegar for 90 seconds in the microwave, let it cool down then you can add the baking soda to it. You can just heat it in a glass measuring cup.  Then add the Dawn dish soap, and pour it into your spray bottle. Spray it wherever you need it to clean at.  Let it sit for two hours while you finish your other party cleaning, then you can wipe it up.  No scrubbing involved! If you use a measuring cup you can just mix them up, and use it as a paste.  Just take a washcloth to spread it where you need it to go. Now your shower is clean, and your guest don’t have to look at the nasty dirt at the bottom of your shower.showerbottlebluecup


Pinning for Life: Dancer Legs

Has anyone just looked at girls legs before as she was walking by, and immediately know that she was a dancer? Or even just thought “Dang she has great legs!”.  Well I found pin that you would love! Since I have been on a whole “healthy and get fit” motivation lately, I thought it would be a great opportunity to find something to get the “Dancer leg look” without having to go to the gym. Now by the end of the workout you’re probably going to maybe feel a little tired and sore, but just wait until the next day.  You’re really going to start feeling what you did the day before. All I have to say is good luck walking throughout your day!  The best way to get rid of that pain is to stretch! Clear out a space in your room, and just stretch before you do anything! If you do both of these things for a few weeks, you’ll be ready for a night out in the town to show off your hard work!

Now I used to dance all the time, so I guess a have a little bit of a head start. But not really since its been almost a year since I put these on..

Now I used to dance all the time, so I guess a have a little bit of a head start. But not really since its been almost a year since I put these on..

Pinning for Life: How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

Recently I did a post on “How to Become a Runner” using a pin I found on Pinterest.  I mentioned in the blog that the interval running was a great way to get rid of your “muffin top”, so it gave me the idea to look for a pin specific to helping lose that awful extra side fat.  For anyone who doesn’t really know what a “muffin top” is, or how you get one, it’s caused from overeating and it’s probably the reason your pants don’t button anymore.  I found something that linked me to website that had three other exercises you can do to help burn that fat away.

Exercise one: Side Bends

By doing a hundred reps, on each side, of trying to touch your foot this will help you fit into your favorite skinny jeans.

Exercise two: Standing Twist

Try to move your hips when you do this, and just put your hands behind your head then twist from side to side. Do this for 100 reps.

Exercise three: Jack Knives

At this point your probably thinking you can’t take any more…at least I would be.  During this exercise, it’s a lot like a crunch except your legs are straight up while your doing your crunch. You only have do to 40 reps on this exercise.

These are three great exercises you can do to help you at the end of this winter when you’re wanting to get back into that bikini.  For more detailed explanations on the exercises check out FitSugars website!



Pinning for Life: Braided Bun


Now here’s the deal…I sucked at this. I’m not very talented when it comes to this especially when I only have one ponytail holder…so don’t judge me.

Many women and teenage girls are looking for cute easy ways to style their hair when maybe it is not the cleanest. One of my favorite things that I found when on my Pinterest search was a braided bun.  It is simple, fun, and a great way to pull your hair out of your face.  The only things you’ll need to know how to do is french braid and a low sock bun.  First thing you do is brush your hair, and get any knots out.  If you have shorter bangs you can just brush those out of the way, and then start your braid where your bangs stop. Make sure you only use a small portion of your hair, so you can still make a side pony tail.  Just section out a top layer then make three separate strands. Brand those together, then just add hair to the strand furthest away from your bangs.  continue your brand until you run out of hair.  To hold your brand the best thing to do is get a small pony tail, and I would put a little hair spray on it too.  Then to make your braid appear bigger just pull the braid apart without pulling it completely out.  You can make your braid as big as you please. Next make a side pony with the remainder of your hair that you left out.  If you have a “sock bun sponge” you can use this for the next part, or you can just use a regular sock that you’ve cut up.  If you would like you can test your pony tail to make it bigger.  Then you can take bobby pins, and cover your sponge or sock whatever you used.  Pin them down well, so it doesn’t fall.  Lastly with your braid wrap it around the bun to cover the bobby pins, and you can just pin that in too.  Just add hairspray to help it hold together, and you have a cute low braided bun.

Pinning for Life: Healthy Snacks

With holidays just around the corner, and me feeling like I’ve gained my “freshman fifteen”, I’ve been looking for ways to snack while trying to stay healthy and lose weight. I found a pin that gave me a variety of snacks under one hundred calories.  I’ve seen some researches, and learned in health classes that it is actually better to snack throughout the day, than to eat three big meals. If you look at the snack hyperlink, and decide you don’t like any of those then don’t worry there’s more where that came from.  I found another pin with sixty great ways to snack healthy.  Here’s a few to give you an idea:

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Banana
  • Low Sugar Granola Bar
  • Apple Sauce
  • Olives
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Veggies and Hummus
  • Homemade Hot Cocoa

Just check out see all sixty of the great snack ideas, and get started on your healthy eating.  applesauce

Pinning for Life: How to Become a Runner

If you’re anything like me you’re not runner.  Just the thought of running makes you tired, but I’ve had this little spark of motivation to lose some weight.  I don’t want to end up on the wrong track for my life, and end up obese like a good portion of America.  Luckily I found some good tips on how to start to want to run. What I found is interval running is a great way to start, and lose weight. It’s basically running for the non runner. All you have to do is take it in short distance.  Push yourself really hard for a short distance then take a break.  It helps not only stick to your goals, but build up your stamina in the meantime. Another great thing about is it can help boost your metabolism!  If you have a problem with muffin top then this is also a great way to help you.  Just plug in your headphones to a great pandora station, and if you don’t know of one.  Check out a great blog I posted about secret Pandora workout stations! They’re not so secret anymore, but it’ll help get you pumped for when you do go running! IMG_5994

Pinning for Life: How to Make an Infinity Scarf

Everyone loves infinity scarves. I found a simple easy way to make an infinity scarf without doing any sewing.  All you need is an old T-Shirt and a pair of scissors.  First lay out your T-Shirt.  Then grab your scissors, and the best place to cut is right under the V of the neck if you have one.  If not just take about a quarter of the top off.  You will need a lot of material to make it look like a scarf.  Then all you have to do is slip it over your head then just adjust it to how you want it to look.  It’s a quick simple way to make a scarf, and not worry about spending any money.  It’s cute enough to go out with friends in, and cozy enough to keep you warm during the cold winter.

Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf