Pinning for Life: Halloween Foods

A lot of people start planning for their Halloween parties at the very beginning of the month.  There’s so much to do, decorate, figure out what food, invite people, confirm the amount of people, find out what you’re going to wear, and the list goes on and on.  Well I found some cute Halloween food ideas, so your food can go with the Halloween theme!  One of the first things I found and loved was the apples and marshmallow teeth.   Just slice an apple with an apple slicer use two of your slices and place 5 marshmallows in the middle to look like teeth.  It looks so real.  Use tooth picks or anything else to hold them together.  Another cute idea I found was to take pretzels and make a spider web out of them.  Use a Hershey Kiss to hold it together in the middle then drizzle white chocolate over it to look like the actual web.   For a healthier choice you can dip strawberries in white chocolate then use milk or dark chocolate to create a ghost face on it, or just use a banana and cut the bottom then use the chocolate to make a ghost face on it.  If you are a cupcake lover like me you can spice those up with a cute candy corn on top, or if you can find a candy pumpkin then place it on top then add sprinkles.  There’s several cute and clever ideas on Pinterest to help you with your food list for your Halloween party!  Just type in the search bar Halloween foods, or be more specific on what kind of food to help you decorate your food.  If you want something that’s a little more than just an average look a great blog to go to is Our Best Bites,  Easy Halloween Party Food.  There are a lot of cute ideas that are easy, but still look complicated.  Strawberry


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