Pinning for Life: Pumpkin Decorating

This month being the month of all the “scaretastic” things in life I want to do different blogs to help with your decorating or preparing of your halloween season.  Pumpkin carving or decorating is a season favorite!  You don’t have to make it scary, you can make if funny also, or even just cute.  If you want to carve your pumpkin this season the first step is to hallow out your pumpkin.  Most people just cut from the top so they can place their candle in there.  Just use a knife to do this, then just simply take out all the “guts” inside of it.  Make sure its completely clear of all the seeds and pulp inside.  You can use a plaster scraper or fleshing tool to help you with this process. Next its time to put your design on to the pumpkin.  Tape your paper design onto the pumpkin and use a needle pin or T-Pin to poke holes around the edge of your design.  Then remove the paper when you are done, and its time to really start carving.  Just use some type of carving tool to basically connect all the dots.  Make sure you really follow your dots, so your carving is precise.  Now you can light your pumpkin however you choose too.  Use a candle or wrap christmas lights around a jar, and cut a whole for your cord to go through.  Now your ready to set up your pumpkin on your front porch, or wherever you like.  If you aren’t into the carving of pumpkins you can always find a design you like, and paint your pumpkin.  Depending on what you are doing for your design spray paint or acrylic paint will work.  A couple of years ago I was able to carve a pumpkin with my boyfriend, and had a blast.  It can be fun for the whole family.  You’ll have to help little ones with some of the steps, but they can enjoy it also.  If you need help with any ideas of course I found a great pin the will help you with any designs!Pumpkin Carving 2011


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