Pinning for Life: Halloween Decorating

Everyone wants to have the scariest house on the block, but what if you had the most creative house?  You could even do crafts that were scary it’s all up to you. Personally I’m not so much into the scary part of Halloween. I’m all for the candy, and the cute decorations.  Some ideas you could do is painting pumpkins.  Instead of carving out scary faces, just do chevron print or any other cute design.  Use glitter on it also by just glueing it on.  I saw on Pinterest someone stack three pumpkins together, and spell out boo.  Another idea is to get witches hats, and use some type of clear string to hang them from the ceiling. You can even get plastic plates and spray paint them.  If you are looking for a fun craft to do with the kids,  get some plastic cups, and paint faces on them. You can either get cups already the color you need, or paint them the color you need.  You can do a ghost, frankenstein, or pumpkin.  It’s a fun easy thing for little kids to do.  Then when you’re done just stick a little light or fake candle under them to light them up. You can also have the kids tape little paper bats underneath your lamp shades to make it look like you have bats in there. If you’re really in the Halloween spirit collect milk jugs, use a sharpie to draw a face on it, and line christmas lights around the side walk then set the jugs right by the lights.  It’ll light up your sidewalk for kids to see, and it will look like you have ghost hanging outside your house.  There’s several ideas you can do to decorate your house.  Pinterest has scary and cute ideas, it’s a great place to go for references on how to do those do it yourself crafts for this Halloween!

Make a sign like one I made to put outside your house for kids to see!

Make a sign like one I made to put outside your house for kids to see!


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