Pinning for Life: 10 Halloween Ideas

Everyone is always in need of easy Halloween ideas these are 10 Ideas I found on Pinterest that are cute and simple:

  1. Hot Dog Mummies: wrap dough you would normally use for pigs in a blanket around the hot dog.  Make the dough not wide to where it looks more like toilet paper. Just continuously wrap it until its covered, and you can use food coloring to put some eyes on it.
  2. Paper Cup Spiders: It’s simple just paint paper cups whatever color you want, and add cute designs if you want to.  Then add the goggly eyes from Walmart or another craft store on the cup.  Then also from there get the colorful pipe cleaners to make legs out of them. Simple and easy for kids to help with.
  3. Hand Goody Bags: Use a rubber glove and fill it with candy to hand out at a party.  Use a ribbon to tie around the wrist part to hold all the candy in.
  4. Frankenstein Cookies: Use a gingerbread man cutout on sugar cookie dough then just add stitching decoration to make it look like Frankenstein.
  5. Creepy Crawly Ice Cubes: Get an ice cube tray, and add the plastic spiders with water in the trays then freeze.
  6. Popcorn Candy Corn: Get a tray add popcorn to it then drizzle chocolate on the popcorn, and lastly add candy corn on top for a sweet snack.
  7. Frankenstein Family bags:  Use brown paper bags decorate to look like a cute Frankenstein.  Add a bow to the bag if it’s for a girl, and a tie for a boy or the father.
  8. Ghost Cupcake: make chocolate cupcakes and just swirl white icing on top to look like a ghost then add a ghost face.
  9. Witch Broom: take the mini Reese’s then add a pretzel to the top to make a broom.
  10. Pumpkin Bowl: cut a pumpkin in half, and hallow it so you can put a bowl on the inside.  Once you do that add the bowl then use it to hold drinks, or other snacks.

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