Pinning for Life: Halloween Cookies

Everyone loves cookies.  It’s as simple as that, and if you are throwing a Halloween party cookie would be a great thing to have.  To make them more fit for halloween there’s several ways you can decorate them.  The ultimate favorite is chocolate chip cookies.  If you take a toothpick while the cookie is still hot, you can drag the chocolate to make it look like a spider.  If you want something that will serve a lot of people without you cooking a ton of cookies, you can do a cookie pizza.  Just use the same concept as the chocolate chip cookie, or you can add yellow and orange M&M’s and Candy Corn to the top for a simple Halloween look. If you use a gingerbread man cut out you can make little vampires.  Just do a normal gingerbread man, but add fangs to the mouth. Another chocolate chip cookie you can do is vampire teeth.  Just cut a chocolate chip cookie in half for the top and bottom of the mouth.  Put marshmallows in between for the teeth, and add red frosting to hold it, and make it look like the gums.  For the fangs just use silvered almond in between two of the marshmallows.  If all else fails you can always just use the Tollhouse Cookie halloween cookies!  You can get them at any local grocery store.  They’re always delicious and will fit your halloween theme.  Cookies


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