Pinning for Life: halloween nails

Halloween is not only a great opportunity to dress up as your favorite character.  You can also use this as an opportunity to paint your nails in a way you normally would not.  You can have nails that look like blood was splattered on them by painting your nails white.  Then get a straw with red nail polish at the end, and blow on your nails. You could do A Nightmare Before Christmas theme, by making white and black stripes on all your nails except the pointer finger and paint a skull face on that one. One year I did a candy corn look.  Just get an orange color, yellow and white.  Start with the yellow on the bottom of your nail, then orange, and end it with white tips.  To make it more girly I added clear glitter nail polish to it. Another girly look you can do is use a soft pink as your base color, and do an accent nail with a silver glitter or any other color. Then once again on the pointer finger paint a little skull face on it.  If you are a Frankenstein fan then you can paint your nails green with black tips then get a smaller brush, and paint black stitches on the green part of your nail.  There’s several ideas on Pinterest you can look up.  These are ones I found not too difficult for the average person.  They’re also very cute, and not too scary. nails


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