Pinning for Life: Halloween Games

What’s a party without a good game or two? This year at your Halloween party you can have the best games on the block. One easy to do fun game is Ghost Bowling. Just grab some empty two-liter bottles, and stuff them with cotton balls.  Set them up in a pyramid just like you would see in a bowling alley then you can use any type of ball.  A pumpkin 4-Square ball would be a great ball to use to stick with the Halloween theme. A new interesting game I found was spider web walking game.  On this pin I found, they just used tape to tape a spider web on the floor in an open space.  Then you take little plastic spiders and scatter them all around. You put the main prize in the middle of the web.  The object of the game is to stay on the web without falling off and collect all of the spiders then collect the prize in the middle.  It’s a great game for younger kids to play.  For older kids you can do a streamer obstacle course.  Just tape up streamers to the walls in a hallway, and have people go through without touching, or taking down any streamer. For more of a Halloween look on that just add a few fake spider to make it look like a web.  These are all great ideas for a Halloween party or festival.  You can create them all yourself, and the best part is it won’t take a lot out of your pocket book. spider web course


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