Pinning for Life: How to Become a Runner

If you’re anything like me you’re not runner.  Just the thought of running makes you tired, but I’ve had this little spark of motivation to lose some weight.  I don’t want to end up on the wrong track for my life, and end up obese like a good portion of America.  Luckily I found some good tips on how to start to want to run. What I found is interval running is a great way to start, and lose weight. It’s basically running for the non runner. All you have to do is take it in short distance.  Push yourself really hard for a short distance then take a break.  It helps not only stick to your goals, but build up your stamina in the meantime. Another great thing about is it can help boost your metabolism!  If you have a problem with muffin top then this is also a great way to help you.  Just plug in your headphones to a great pandora station, and if you don’t know of one.  Check out a great blog I posted about secret Pandora workout stations! They’re not so secret anymore, but it’ll help get you pumped for when you do go running! IMG_5994


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