Pinning for Life: Braided Bun


Now here’s the deal…I sucked at this. I’m not very talented when it comes to this especially when I only have one ponytail holder…so don’t judge me.

Many women and teenage girls are looking for cute easy ways to style their hair when maybe it is not the cleanest. One of my favorite things that I found when on my Pinterest search was a braided bun.  It is simple, fun, and a great way to pull your hair out of your face.  The only things you’ll need to know how to do is french braid and a low sock bun.  First thing you do is brush your hair, and get any knots out.  If you have shorter bangs you can just brush those out of the way, and then start your braid where your bangs stop. Make sure you only use a small portion of your hair, so you can still make a side pony tail.  Just section out a top layer then make three separate strands. Brand those together, then just add hair to the strand furthest away from your bangs.  continue your brand until you run out of hair.  To hold your brand the best thing to do is get a small pony tail, and I would put a little hair spray on it too.  Then to make your braid appear bigger just pull the braid apart without pulling it completely out.  You can make your braid as big as you please. Next make a side pony with the remainder of your hair that you left out.  If you have a “sock bun sponge” you can use this for the next part, or you can just use a regular sock that you’ve cut up.  If you would like you can test your pony tail to make it bigger.  Then you can take bobby pins, and cover your sponge or sock whatever you used.  Pin them down well, so it doesn’t fall.  Lastly with your braid wrap it around the bun to cover the bobby pins, and you can just pin that in too.  Just add hairspray to help it hold together, and you have a cute low braided bun.


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