Pinning for Life: How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

Recently I did a post on “How to Become a Runner” using a pin I found on Pinterest.  I mentioned in the blog that the interval running was a great way to get rid of your “muffin top”, so it gave me the idea to look for a pin specific to helping lose that awful extra side fat.  For anyone who doesn’t really know what a “muffin top” is, or how you get one, it’s caused from overeating and it’s probably the reason your pants don’t button anymore.  I found something that linked me to website that had three other exercises you can do to help burn that fat away.

Exercise one: Side Bends

By doing a hundred reps, on each side, of trying to touch your foot this will help you fit into your favorite skinny jeans.

Exercise two: Standing Twist

Try to move your hips when you do this, and just put your hands behind your head then twist from side to side. Do this for 100 reps.

Exercise three: Jack Knives

At this point your probably thinking you can’t take any more…at least I would be.  During this exercise, it’s a lot like a crunch except your legs are straight up while your doing your crunch. You only have do to 40 reps on this exercise.

These are three great exercises you can do to help you at the end of this winter when you’re wanting to get back into that bikini.  For more detailed explanations on the exercises check out FitSugars website!




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