Pinning for Life: Thanksgiving Decorations

With Halloween come and gone, it’s time to start taking down those spooky decorations and NOT put up your favorite “Ho Ho Ho” banner.  It’s time to put up your thanksgiving decorations.  There’s is nothing more ridiculous than people putting up their christmas decorations the day after Halloween.  I get it, “Santa’s coming!”, but seriously people you have over a month until he comes. Plenty of time to do other decorating like a cute little turkey wreath to hang on your door.  If you’re not big into turkey’s or even thanksgiving.  Just do fall decorations.  Like a DIY “fall” 3D word on your mantle with leaves around it.  If you have kids, get them involved! Have them write what they’re thankful for on a banner that you can hang.  Just let that creative side come out of you, and you can do so many things. Just check out that DIY link, and let it help you! If you need more inspiration just check out Pinterest, and see the wonderful crafts you can do!

Just add eyes!

Just add eyes!


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