Pinning for Life: iPhone Screen Fix

Picture this, you’re outside with your friend loading the car, and you have your phone in your hand.  When all of a sudden you hear something hit the ground, and you realize it was your iPhone.  You’re prized possession just hit the concrete.  Now it’s completely shattered. This actually happened to me. I had gone almost two years, and did not crack my phone once.  I was pretty proud of myself until this happened.  I knew there was a way I could fix my phone if i had all the tools, but wasn’t sure how. Of course I saw this as a blog opportunity, and found a pin to help me out. For all you iPhone 3G and iPhone 5 people out there I’m not sure how much this will help you.  I have an iPhone 4, and that’s what this pin was for.  I’m sure the steps are close to the same though. All you need to do is order the kit to fix your phone. Besides the new glass and face the kit should come with a star screwdriver, a flat head and a phillips head, two blue puller uppers and a suction cup. You will have to completely take a part your phone, so if you’re not comfortable with that then I would suggest either living with your disappointment, or buying a new phone. Honestly I wasn’t comfortable with that, so I bought I knew phone. I joined the iPhone 5 group, but the pin I found it did take me to great blog that had a video attached to it that shows how to fix it yourself. Just check out that video, and follow it step by step.



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