Pinning for Life: Monogram Everything

Monogram is possibly the best thing ever for a girl.  I don’t know a girl who doesn’t love monogrammed things. One great monogram I found on Pinterest was a monogram you can put on your door.  It’s super cute and easy to make, and not to mention cheap! All you need is

  • Dollar store foam board- $1.00
  • Monogram enlargement- $1.99
  • Craft Knife and replacement blades
  • Transfer paper
  • colored Pen or pencil
  • Craft cutting mat
  • Computer and monogram lettering printout

With these tools you can easily make a monogram to hang out on your front door for your neighbors to see. Just print out your monogram, and I used the copy and paste method for this. In your word processer, create your 3 letters using the sizes mentioned above.  Print each one out.  Lay the center letter face up.  Cut the other two letters out. You don’t have to be exact – just make sure not to cut the actual letters. White paper can be left on the outer sides of the letters.  Lay each letter down on either side of the center letter. Arrange and then use a glue stick to attach to the center letter. Then with take your transfer paper place it on your cutting mat.  Just trace your letters onto that paper. Then put that paper onto your foam board, and you can take your craft knife, and cut out your traces. Now your practically done! Just clean up any marks or mistakes.  If you want to, you can get spray paint, or any other paint, and paint your monogram.  Then just hang it up wherever you would like to! I made mine for a friend for Christmas, so I have not hung it up anywhere.

This is what it should look like in your word processor before you print.

This is what it should look like in your word processor before you print.


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