Pinning for Life: Doggy Love

My parents are definitely dog lovers.  When I was searching for a new pin to blog about, I found cute treat and leash holder I could make for them. All I would need is a small wood board, big enough to hold a small mason jar, a hook to put on the board, and of course the mason jar to hold the treats. I also painted a paw on mine to make it look it better.  After you paint it, if you decide to do so, then you can put on your hook toward one of the side of the board.  Make sure your hook has little holes for screws, so you can screw it on the board.  Then take your mason jar, and you can either put another small board under it to hold it, or find a way to screw it on. My grandfather had something to help me screw it on the board. After you get that done, then you have a new dog and leash holder! dog and leash holder


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