Pinning for Life: DIY Mug Decoration

Since it’s getting close to December, and a lot of people are getting their Christmas bought, made, or ready, I found another great gift you could give to someone. You can go to the dollar store and by some cheap white coffee mugs, sharpies, and some letter cut outs or stickers.  I would get stickers, so you can stick it to the mug easier.  Just put someone’s initials on the mug with the letters, and then take the sharpie and make dots covering all around the the edge of the letters.  Do it as much as possible, so you get a good outline.  Then just stray out and do less dots. You can add other designs, or just simply write a message on them. When you’re done with the put in your oven on 350 degrees for about 10-20 minutes.  This will make the sharpie stay on even after it’s been washed.  Now you have a great gift to give a teacher, friend, or relative at a low cost! IMG_4652


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