Pinning for Life: Cute Christmas Ornaments

Tis’ the season to decorate a random (real or fake) tree in your living room. Everyone is looking for new ways to decorate trees using the biggest and best decorations.  It’s a great time to look up pins on ornaments. There is a lot of DIY ornaments you can do.  It might take a little time, but you can save money.  It’s also a great family project you can do. My favorite one I found was on how to make styrofoam ball ornaments.  They’re super easy and cute.  Just get styrofoam balls at whatever shape or size you want.  It doesn’t matter.  Then get your favorite glitter color, and some spray glue.  Spray the styrofoam with the glue, and then roll in glitter.  For the top of the ornament you can just go to any craft store, and ask where in the store you can find the tops on the ornaments, so you can use tule or string to hang it.  You can also just do what I did, and take it off of some old ornaments I wasn’t using.  Then you can just push it into the styrofoam ball, and it will stay.  You don’t have to just use this on your tree.  You can also use it around your house.  Put them in a glass vase, and place on a table. glitter balls


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