Pinning for Life: Christmas Decoupage Ornaments

To add to the Christmas Tree decorating spirit I found a decoupage ornament you could do, so you can have the most creative tree on the block. It’s simple and fun to do! All you need is some cheap plastic ornaments, glue, water, a bowl, a foam brush, newspaper or printed quotes, and cute printed paper.  First start out with getting out your ornaments, then get your bowl and mix the glue with water.  Make sure it’s not too watery or that it has too much glue.  It says to do to 2 parts water to 1 part glue.  After you get the mixed, make sure you tear your strips with very little white space on it, and  just dip the paper in the mixture and place it on the ornament.  Paint over it with the foam brush. Continue this process until your ornament is completely covered.  You will have to over lap strips.  In order to do the next part you will have to wait for the ornament to be completely dry.  Then take your printed decorative paper, and make whatever you want on it whether it be a christmas tree, snowman, or snowflake on it.  The blog I found said to use Mod Podge to give the ornament a smooth shiny finish.  Also make sure with this use cover the entire ornament.  Now after that is dried you are finished, and you can hang it up on the tree, or give it to a friend! decoupage


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